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Remodeling Tips

There are many strategies to decorating a room. Home-owners often take big projects into their own hands, using shows or magazines as inspiration. Others may have one piece of art, or even something as small as a pillow to inspire them to build the room around that object. There are plenty of sources of great advice and origins of inspiration to be found in the world of decor.

As I mentioned above, having one object of inspiration can be a fabulous way to get started. A quilt, a pillow, a lampshade, a picture, a sculpture, a chair, and the list could go on and on. If there is one object that spurs your creative side on, and inspires you with its color or artistic genre, then go for it. The key to this option is to pick a color or pattern or even style out of your object, and choose a wall color that makes this item pop! in a way that shows it off. If this item is indeed your key inspiration, place it in an ideal location in the room, and have the color of the rest of the room be the first step. Take this item to Lowe’s or Home Depot, and have them mix the perfect color. It’s easy and simple, and these employees are there to make your home improvements easier and more efficient!

A second option is to have a time in history, or a style that you really enjoy. Baroque, Romantic, Gothic, Nouveau, these are all great options for a trend and focus in your room. The key to this is really simplicity. While these styles may be very intricate, most times a room built around them can be a little overwhelming. If you choose a wallpaper or bold color, have the objects in the room compliment the boldest part of the room. If the boldest item is in the room itself, like a piece of art or an item of furniture, then maybe the colors and the accessories and accents should be more simple and neutral. When you walk into the room, it should be welcoming and possibly have that wonderful pop of color and style, but it shouldn’t be shocking or abrasive.

A third option is to embrace a warmth to your room. Maybe a log cabin, or a cottage; or a feeling of western or the deep south, a garden, a vineyard, a beach house, and so on. These are all great options no matter where you live. You can transform your room into the place of your dreams. A beach house, even if you live in the desert. Or an enchanted vineyard, even if you live in a big city! A great choice to find inspirations is to search for these key themes online, in a magazine, or even visit the paint section in Lowe’s. They have wonderful pamphlets next to their color sections that have pre-chosen color patterns, and you can pick and choose for what best suites you!

In all design and d├ęcor, you are the master of the room. You get to pour yourself into your design, and these are just some simple ideas to make your designs fully successful!

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