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Top 5 Spa Themed Party Favors for Teenage Girls

Are you planning a spa themed party for your teenage daughter? If so, you may want to take a peek at a few of my spa themed party favor ideas for teens. Here they are:

Manicure – Pedicure Gift Bag

A gift bag filled with inexpensive manicure and pedicure supplies would make an excellent spa themed party favor for teens. If you are fortunate, you might be able to grab four-piece manicure sets from your local discount store for as little as $1 apiece. The manicure kits typically consist of mini scissors, a nail clipper, a nail file and a cuticle pusher. You could pair it with bottles of nail polish, a nail brush and a tube of cuticle cream.

Skin Care Gift Bag

Another option is to create a skin care gift bag. You could include trial size bottles of scented lotions, a natural loofah sponge, mud masks and scrubs. The trail size bottles of lotions tend to sell for less than $2 each through most drug stores and beauty supply shops. I’d also recommend that you also consider purchasing the mud masks and scrubs in bulk. Based on my experience, it tends to be the least expensive option for obtaining larger bottles or jars of the stuff.

Hair Care Gift Bag

Let’s not forget hair care supplies. They would also make super spa themed party favors especially if you put an assortment of products into each bag. Hair care items that you may want to consider adding to the gift bag are hot oil treatments, decorative hair clips, scrunchies and scented shampoo samples.

Aromatherapy Gift Bag

Spas are often known for their aromatherapy treatments and scented candles so why not incorporate that into your spa themed party favor plans? You could make a batch of essential oil blends and divide it up amongst the party guests as well as throw in a scented votive candle. Scented votive candles often sell through department stores for $1 apiece. The aromatherapy supplies can be purchased through a specialty shop. In order to make your own blends, you’ll need a bottle of base oil, an assortment of essential oils and small jars to put the mix in.

Healthy Snacks Gift Bag

Filling a party favor bag with healthy snacks is also something that you may want to consider doing. You could include granola, yogurt covered fruits, bottled water and bottled fruit juice into the mix. In my experience, you can generally purchase those types of snacks and beverages in bulk through a wholesaler. Once you have the bottled water on hard, you can also outfit it with a personalized label.