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Yard Landscaping With Fake or Artificial Grass

Landscaping designs utilizing artificial grass enable the front yard to look great all year around. Synthetic turf is waterless and an asset to any landscaping service design.

Many landscape design ideas include artificial grass, not only because of synthetic turf aesthetics, but as an added bonus to help the environment. Synthetic turf can beautify those challenging, hard to deal with areas of a landscape. Artificial grass looks great in shaded areas where it is difficult to grow grass, as well as those sun drenched, high traffic areas.

Synthetic Grass for Water Conserving Landscape Designs

The waterless nature of the fake grass helps reduce the consumption of water. Artificial turf also requires very limited maintenance in most climates. Some state or local governments in water poor regions may offer rebates on the installation of artificial grass. There is a 50% or more savings on the monthly water bill, even without a rebate on installation. In addition, not only is the weekly or bi-weekly mowing cost avoided, the energy consumed in powering a mower is eliminated and no mowing means no mower emissions.

Artificial Grass for Front Yard Landscaping

Artificial grass can really boost a home’s curb appeal and makes a front lawn the envy of the neighborhood. There is a wide selection of colors, lengths and densities when choosing the grass to use in the landscape design. Any treacherous and hard to mow slopes which drain away moisture will be lush and green with synthetic turf. With a little infill for the fake grass, even the highest traffic areas will appear to flourish. Surviving a drought or water restriction is no problem when utilizing artificial grass.

Fake Grass for Backyard Landscaping

The backyard landscaping has all of the design possibilities that are encountered with the front yard landscaping, and more. Artificial grass surrounding a pool skirt is an appealing contrast to the hard skirt materials, be they man made or natural. A play area with a swing and slide is the perfect application for synthetic grass. Unlike the carpeted football fields of decades past, properly specified artificial grass may be safer and more fall resistant than natural turf.

For the golfer who has unused space, a backyard putting green may be just the ticket. With special grasses available in lengths up to three inches the green, fringe and rough are no problem. There is at least one manufacturer that provides a range of green speeds to meet the desire of the golfer.

Variety of Reasons for Yard Landscaping with Artificial Grass

No matter the reason for choosing synthetic grass, the results will have a variety of benefits. Today’s synthetic grasses look and feel like real grass and it can be very difficult to even tell the two apart. Water conservation and monthly savings on the water bill are also great motivators. Using artificial grass for the front yard landscaping will overcome the sun and water challenges in almost any environment.

The possibilities for backyard landscaping with synthetic grass are plentiful. Whether contrasting the hard edges of pool skirting, making use of a putting green or providing a safe landing surface for a play area, artificial grass is ideal for the backyard. An additional article about a backyard putting green may be of interest. The possibilities for utilizing artificial grass are limited only by the imagination of the homeowner and the landscape architect.